We buy:

  • used in various models smartphoness and portable/stationary computers.
  • Phones and computers may have broken screens or damaged back covers, not working, or other defects.
  • used in various models robotic vacuum cleaners, window cleaning robots (XIAOMI ROBOROCK, iLIFE, iROBOT, ROOMBA, Ecovacs, SAMSUNG, HOBOT, WINBOT, etc.);
  • Game consoles (Microsoft Original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox series X, Sony PlayStation, playstation 2, playstation 3, playstation 4, playstation 5 and psp consoles, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and portable Game Boy, DS, 2DS and 3DS consoles, Retro consoles (Sega, Nintendo, Ziliton, Atari).
  • Drones and e-mail scooters (Xiaomi, Ninebod segway, Inokim and many others)
  • Smart watches (apple watch of all generations, children's watches Gudrutis, Samsung Galaxy watch, Xiaomi, Garmin, Polar, etc.)

Devices may be damaged or otherwise damaged, not working, or with other defects.

Specialists, after inspecting the device, offer a price that corresponds to the device's condition and market value.

Let's reduce consumerism together.

We support the idea of #zerowaste. You join too!

It is safe to sell your phone or computer to us, as a purchase and sale agreement is signed.

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