Drones and e-mail scooter repair in Vilnius

We carry out repairs, diagnostics for all models of electric scooters and drones (Xiaomi, Ninebod segway, Inokim and many others)

Common failures:

  • Replacement and repair of control panels, batteries, screens, brakes, handles, steering wheel, tires and cameras.
  • Software update

We can also buy your broken scooter or drone. We can give them a second life by using the right parts to repair other devices.

Do not throw the device in the container - protect nature! Let's join the Zero waste movement together.

Prices for the most common failures:

Changing the charging connectors from 20 EUR
Removal of moisture damage from 25 EUR

Changing engines
from 25 EUR
Replacement of scooter parts (wheels, fenders, handles, etc.) from 15 EUR
Repair, replacement of drone cameras from 20 EUR
Changing drone engines from 20 EUR