Computer assembly - for games,
for leisure, for work.

Assembling computers is also extremely important
a painstaking process if you want your new computer to match
expectations. It can be high FPS or smooth performance while playing the latest games,
to get rid of lag when working with large amounts of data or high
graphic photos, and maybe just for free time, when you want yours
the computer would work fine. In any case, we suggest leaving this process
for professionals!

Assembling computers can often cost less than buying from well-known manufacturers
pre-assembled computers from electronics stores. We cooperate
with various suppliers, thanks to which we can get parts significantly cheaper or even
keep the latest items with you - especially when they sell out quickly. Also
we can collect parts according to the budget - our professionals know exactly what they are
details are prioritized for the intended purpose of the future computer. Is it
would be better video card or processor.

We also offer only
to provide the necessary parts, that is, to upgrade certain parts of the computer.
In most cases, you don't need to assemble a whole new computer. For example, for games
often it is enough to update the video card - the most important thing is to know what capacity
video card is needed and its compatibility with other parts. It is very
important because parts from different manufacturers interact differently. Maximum
the operation will definitely be taken care of by the Telefix team!

We can offer you:

We will discuss the ideal
computer, budget and we will cash out computer goals;

We will make a preliminary

We will recommend the details;

We will assemble, install
operating system and we will test it - we will only give it well tested and ready!

Also, working with the Telefix team, you will get:

Warranty 24 months

Only quality details

Collection time - from 1 to 3 days.

We can pick up and deliver!

Contact us and we will discuss your ideal computer!

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